Saturday, 4 September 2010

Yorkshire reels as RBS axes 3,500 jobs in nationwide cull

YORKSHIRE'S financial services industry was dealt another blow yesterday as Royal Bank of Scotland unveiled plans to axe more than 1,000 jobs in the region as part of a nationwide cull of 3,500 roles.

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The bailing out of the scotch banks RBS and HBOS by the scotch nationalist and bigot Gordon Brown - largely with English taxpayers money - is one of the greatest of his many crimes against the English. The English have basically gifted scotland two major English banks in Natwest and Halifax, whilst the English have been forced to bear the brunt of any job cuts. The value to the scotch economy must be in the tens of billions of pounds.

I still remember the media clamouring from the self interested scotch types to preserve scotch banking jobs when it became clear two years ago that masses of banking jobs would be lost. The English took the brunt of the job losses then aswell, as they had no one in government intent on looking out for their interests. They still apparently don't.

Patriotic Englishmen should find banks other than RBS, Bank of Scotland, Halifax and Natwest to do their business with, and Gordon Brown should face an enquiry for his blatant favouritism for the scotch whilst in office.

Monday, 26 April 2010

The State of New Labour's Nation

An interesting comparison of New Labour's handling of two different controversies:

Muslim row Labour candidate, John Cowan, suspended

John Cowan says his name will still be on the ballot paper in South Cambridgeshire

A Labour candidate has been suspended after allegedly saying on an internet forum that he would not want any children of his to marry a Muslim.



I hope he stands as an independent, and I hope he wins. Surely he's only saying what all halfway intelligent non muslim parents are thinking. Has anyone asked Shahid Malik, Sadiq Khan or 'Lord' Ahmed whether they would let any child of theirs marry a non muslim?

The second story is the temporary suspension of the civil servant who insulted the entire Catholic church from the Pope down.

Pope memo sent by 23-year-old Oxford graduate

A “puerile” Foreign Office memo which has thrown the Pope’s state visit to Britain into doubt was circulated by a 23-year-old Oxford graduate who once included “drinking a lot” among his hobbies.


Mr Mulvain has escaped punishment because he was given authorisation to send the memo by a more senior civil servant, who has now been “transferred to other duties”.



Why do these slimy liberal cretins keep their jobs while one seemingly intelligent Labour MP gets suspended and may well be sacked from his job?

New Labour .. So much to answer for.

Saturday, 17 April 2010

Liberal Broadcasting Corporation

I have a few ideas for a tv series / program to take the piss out of Political Correctness and biased BBC propoganda. If anyone would like to collaborate on such a venture, please send me a message or leave a post on this topic.

General Election 2010

Great news, at last, the worthless slug Brown has offered up his bloated backside for us to deliver the kicking that he so truly deserves.

For me, none of the main three parties deserve a vote. Where I live, it probably won't make much of a difference anyway, since it's been solidly labour here for about 50 years. Poor fools. I can't be too critical since I've voted for them in the past, but in the North East, where I am now, there are all the signs of an electorate taken for granted and abandoned.

Industry is dying without any hope of a bail out. I'm not really for government bail outs but when British industries have managed to hold out against foreign competitors, and could be able to take advantage of the recent devaluation of the pound to boost exports, there's a better argument for some form of short term assistance.

Question Time came from Middlesbrough a few weeks ago, and Roy Hattersley was confronted with an angry questioner who told him that Labour would not be receiving his vote, after the 'mothballing ' of the Redcar Tata plant. Hattersley sputtered - nothing new there - and grew red. He was clearly angered at the suggestion that a northern industrial worker could vote for some other party.

Such is the arrogance of Labour, how richly they deserve to be booted out of office.

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

EDL banned me

So I'm removing their press release

Thursday, 16 July 2009


One thing I've noticed about immigrants is that they are overwhelmingly pro immigration. Whatever part of the world they come from, and whatever country they go to, they take offence at any hint that immigration might not be the best thing since sliced bread. In my view it has been a disaster, particularly for England, which has absorbed a disproportionately large number of immigrants to both the UK and the EU.

But why expect that immigrants have to be pro immigration? You may consider the contrary point of view hypocritical - how can an immigrant be anti immigration?

But what if an overwhelming majority of the native English - ie the people who gave the immigrant a refuge from persecution, the opportunity of getting a job, healed his sick, educated his kids - want immigration cut drastically or stopped altogether? How does an immigrant then justify a pro immigration point of view?

Surely such a point of view has to be taken as being hostile to the interests of the English people. Surely the only decent response is that they respect the opinion of the English on the matter.

Immigrants or their descendants who then get into politics and start pushing a ridiculous open doors policy on immigration, knowing the general feeling about immigration are in my view contemptible ingrates and traitors who should have their citizenship revoked and be booted out of the country.

Generation of Burkes

You know, Burke, I don't know which species is worse. You don't see them fucking each other over for a goddamn percentage

You might remember that quote from 'Aliens'. The sci-fi horror film starring Sigourney Weaver as Ellen Ripley, with Paul Reiser in the role of Carter Burke, the archetypal yuppie slime ball of the 22nd Century (or whenever). At that point in the film Ripley has Burke pegged as a scum bag of the lowest order. He's prepared to sacrifice the whole crew of the ship (and jeopardise the safety of the human race) in order to smuggle an 'alien' back to Earth in the bodies of the crew for the weapons industry.

Examine the Labour cabinet and it's not too difficult to imagine that the character of Burke reached a sympathetic audience in people like Brown, Mandelson, Harman, Straw and the Millibands. All are shallow, incompetent, self serving scum who put their own interests ahead of the national interest. All are happy to see the UK trashed by immigration from the third world in order to secure future votes. All are happy to sell the UK out to their undemocratic antipatriot collaborators in the EU. All are happy to see the UK bankrupted, and all are prepared to lie through their teeth in order that the destruction that they wreak on the UK should continue uninterrupted.